Do you enjoy your vocational field?

See, I told you Hohn couldn't swim.

We celebrate Tanabata in July.

I'm not brave, I admit; but I'm not superstitious.


Poverty is not a vice, that's a true saying. Yet I know too that drunkenness is not a virtue, and that that's even truer. But beggary, honoured sir, beggary is a vice.

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Ramesh can write almost like a native speaker, but his pronunciation is terrible.

People often say that Japanese is a difficult language.

It is up to you to decide whether or not.


You were our last hope.

The invention of the transistor introduced a new era.

Why are you so hot?

I don't know whether this is love or not (after all, who ever knows what love is?), but one thing I know for sure: I want to be with you.

I have to go tell Kerri about what happened.

I knew you'd come to save me.

It is a disease that can't be prevented.

They all walked.

She put him under a spell.

I can't join you.

I agree with both of you.

They said he would have been ill.

The news took us by surprise.

Not all eccentricity is mental illness.

The sky grew darker and darker, and the wind blew harder and harder.


Who's going to stop me?


Hold the door.

It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.

One's view is determined by his education, sex, class and age.

Does that mean I can go home now?

I had him fix my watch.


He had to leave the village.

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I took a bus so as not to be late for my appointment.


The story turned my blood cold.

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Don't squander your newly earned money!


I hope that Alexander will arrive soon.

I'm just keeping company with Mr.Kimura as a friend.

I would like chicken soup.

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They were married in October of 1975.

There's just one problem.

People tend to look at others with prejudice.

I asked Adlai to play the guitar.

Herb is still not very good at French.

Phillip pretended to be asleep.

Who notified me?

Piet wants to buy a new smartphone.

Why don't you get something to eat?

Olaf said he wanted to talk to Lee.

Was there something you wanted to say to me?

What do you say to a game of chess?

I don't know what you've heard.

She tried to throw a punch at me, but I blocked it.

Bit by bit, I will build up a massive collection for myself.

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You can run on ahead and I'll catch you up later.

Personally, I liked this one.

Well, no one invited me.

You'll come back, won't you?

I can see the coke in your nose.

Why was he laughing?

Shirley got distracted.

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What seems to be the problem, officer?

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I've been told Penny has been in an accident.

Do you consider that your language is endangered?

I have to urgently talk with someone.

How is this fair?

She had her only son die.

We must leave immediately.

"Shall we order a pizza?" "Do you know what time it is?" "Saify's Tavern is open around the clock."

Some prisoners have escaped from the jail.

I go swimming every day.


You also camp in the Amazon with snakes!

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I don't think Lanny can deal with the situation.

She sat back and watched.

Eli wasted no time.

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You'd better remember that tipping is necessary in the USA.


Nobody will force you to do that.

I'm afraid you're mistaken.

He narrowly escaped being killed.


I was searching for something that didn't exist.


Christina broke the window pane.

I wasn't honest with them.

Those spent all her free time last week answering birthday greetings.

Can you give me directions to the subway station?

That is indeed beautiful.

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I hope that you'll come back.

I want to go to Australia with my family.

This is Elsa's school.


Life's nature is inexplicable.

Come and dance with me!

Once upon time I used to love you,And no matter what,you will always be a part of my life.

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I'd like to work with her.

I'm a member of the glee club.

Philip is more handsome than you.

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We can at least try.

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What kind of briefcase do you want me to buy for you?

I had my composition corrected by the teacher.

Some of the students were from Asia and the others were from Europe.

I intend to live forever.

I have less than five friends who know how to speak French.

Ginny refused the offer.

Where did you buy that soap?


We resist you.

Radio's been replaced by the TV.

I wonder where Eva learned how to do that.

You're obviously not very happy.

Bilingual teenagers are encouraged to apply.

Did you find anything else?

He could do nothing but give up his plan against his will.

I'm never late.

Why did you think Kristi wasn't going to be here?


Hui says he saw a ghost in his house.


The phone was ringing, but there was no one to answer it.

Avery still doesn't have much experience as a professor.

This practice has long since been done away with.

I won't be your friend as long as you treat me like that.

Don't leave your dog inside all day.

I am fascinated by clouds and clocks on old photographs - perhaps because they can be understood as symbols of the transience and continuous passage of time.

I'll go to school.

I don't need crutches anymore.

Moths are attracted by light.

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That dress matches her red hair.

I like the red ones on the shelf.

It was just a rumor.

It is very impolite of them to decline our invitation.

Nature is awesome.


Fletcher was shot in the arm.


This mistake is due to his carelessness.

Alberto is allergic to soya.

We're not leaving without you.

I have to talk to Anatole now.

Here's the one I forgot.

What makes you happy?

I know you're happy about it. Why don't you just show it?

Didn't I tell you not to move?

Do you know why I'm here?

Fear is a great motivator.

He has no sense of direction.

Let's not forget it.

Dimetry's husband abused her.

Nobody understands it.

Cris would never agree.


We saved you a seat right here.

I don't doubt that she is married.

It looks like Heather has given up.

I read few books last week.

Hillary didn't wait another second.

We'll assist you in any way we can.

Terrance is unmerciful.

My friends dropped by to see me the day before yesterday.

He sat at the head of the table.

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Did you see anything interesting?


I'll see what I can do about that.

The boss allotted tasks to his men.

We have to work very hard.

I am God's creature and of Him I am part.

They look just like rats leaving a sinking ship.


Torsten is very hard on himself.


Why are you crossing the street?


You will not take Bob's advice.

Maybe Charles is stupid.

Jennie showed no surprise.

The author has a good style.

It's the lady.


He got up late, so that he missed the bus.